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After 80 is a generation of new in order to be different, when they become married subject populations,Coast Dresses wedding is not limited to the aesthetic requirements, but also the pursuit of individuality. To photograph a unique wedding, preparation is essential. Zhengzhou Monalisa Xiaobian to be married after 80 summarizes some beat all wedding notices, see together.
Take 80 personalized wedding matters needing attention
1, after 80 personalized wedding attention — photography
The overall shape is captured will influence the shooting effect, especially the bride, external modification is very important. Full service usually wedding photography Coast Dresses sale shop will include make-up and hair design, the new style is one of the essential services wedding photography shop. Of course, wedding photography creation is also important, for people in the pursuit of personality, are willing to choose more personality wedding photography shop. Only the beautiful shape photographer with the exquisite technology, to photograph the ideal wedding.
2, after 80 personalized wedding attention — Design
Today’s wedding design is also emerge in an endless stream, the wedding will not stick in the mud. Wedding photography existing indoor and outdoor shooting two. The interior need to consider is the scenery, props. Outdoor photography in addition to considering the location also consider shooting season. Fall and winter seasons location couples, especially for the bride’s body has a considerable challenge. Many people like to choose beautiful and far away place, in fact, as long as the site for, do not have to run all the way. The filming process too suffering inevitably influence the bride photography state.

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3, after 80 personalized wedding attention — wedding.
Although the pursuit of individuality, but once in a lifetime wedding, white yarn is not missing, equipped with two sets of dress best. Photo gallery of the wedding and the dress is new, old branch, the price is so different. In addition to select their own wedding and the dress, also should try to pick a new dress and veil Coast Dresses 2013. The problem is less. In addition to providing suit, should pay attention to the other parts, such as a tie, rosette, bag medium. Nowadays there are many photo studio to attract eyeball, introduce different styles of personalized wedding. Young couples try to leave their youthful, unique mark.
4, after 80 personalized wedding attention — photography shop choice
Now the photo shop patterns emerge in an endless stream, let a person do not know how to start. The new people should reference samples taken every wedding dress shop, comparing the wedding dress shop to provide packages for further consideration. In addition to understand the performance of the photographer’s technology, technique through other channels. More important, is to proceed from the actual situation of their own, goods than three, and choose their own capacity to package. A better understanding of the relevant problems of shooting, such as some wedding photography and salon United hair design, price is in the package? It provides several other, plus other need to add how much? Filmed on location, whether there is a stylist accompanying etc..

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